Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the good the bad and the ugly

The Good: after being very worried about my dress at the seamstress's (for 2 months) due to a phone call where I was put on hold, but not really, and could hear everything they were saying... "Where is this dress?" "Oh here it is, what were we suppoed to do?" "We still need to put these on..." then been told directly after overhearing this conversation "Oh yeah we've been done for a while, we were waiting for you to call to make an appointment. I wanted to scream YOU are supposed to call ME and tell me when it's ready to try on! But I didn't (very proud of myself) most likely because I was too excited that I could try it on for the first time in months and it would finally look like the dress of my dreams. I just said ok well I'm calling now and I would like to make an appointment for next Saturday. Their reply was "Oh, that won't be possible, we only do alterations appointments during the week." *pause for the sound of dreams being crushed... whatever that may be* I did however call back today and speak with the actual seamstress who agreed to come in to meet me on Saturday, after explaining that I'm not able to come in during the week as I have a full time job in NC, and the dress is in MD. So thank you Dora, Doris, whatever your name is. Now I can put on my dress after it underwent serious cosmetic surgery... and maybe get a few tears out this time :)

The Bad: you would think this would be posted under good things, but... while my save the dates are completely finished... addressed, sealed, stamped... The post office here in New Bern closes at 1 pm (precisely when I placed the last stamp) for an hour for lunch I suppose. So I laid down to rest, thinking I earned it, and found myself asleep without an alarm set. I woke up promptly at 4:10 pm. You can guess what time the post office closes. Yup, 4 o'clock. Missed it again. (We missed it last week because we weren't done addressing the darn things... and we missed it yesterday because we went at 5 pm to buy stamps) So they are STILL here, sitting on my coffee table. If the post office opened at 5 am I could go before work, but I've gotta wait til I get off at 11 tomorrow... BOO

The Ugly: me... just up from a nap (messy messy hair) and angry that I slept my way through getting this stupid things in the mail finally. Oh well, tomorrow is another day...

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