Sunday, February 14, 2010

snow snow go away

Jack and Winston are waiting patiently to go outside and play in the snow. YES! I said snow!

So way down south here, practically at the beach, in eastern North Carolina, it appears that even I can't escape the brutality that is this winter. I was so happy to not be home in MD with the 40 or so inches that they are currently stuck under. But, Mother Nature decided to dump a few down here. Ergo, New Bern's blizzard of 2010. I've come to learn that it NEVER snows down here (this is the 2nd time in a decade... the 1st was last year and they got about an inch). It is also the coldest winter in 20 years! Needless to say I was miserable, but the dogs loved it! Check it out...

snow up to Jacko's belly! Winnie burrowing into the snow
Jack making a run for it!

Winston covered in snow

Win is SO excited

Winston mid-stride

Winston hopping like a rabbit

Win in the backyard

Jacko eating the snow

and my favorite... the close up of Jack with Win chasing him in the background :)

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