Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the goods outweigh the bads

another good... After meeting with a JCrew wedding coordinator in December with Carly and Emily (two of my wonderful bridesmaids who went with me so they could try on dresses I liked for them). We were assured that the dresses I had selected weren't going anywhere because they were sooooooo popular. Especially in Navy, they would never discontinue a dress in that color. I spoke with her again last week, told her the exact styles I had definitely decided on, the fabrics, and the color. Again, everything was fine, we didn't even need to order them until April or March. Then yesterday, disaster struck. Yeterday, Carly emails me... "Get online, I went to buy my dress and it's not online anymore".

I get online and sure enough it's not in the wedding section, they have replaced it with a similar, yet not as cute/fancy version of itself. It IS however in the sale section of the website. Oh wait, but not in Navy. After calling every single JCrew in the country that carries the wedding collection, and customer service, you would think this dress never existed. It was just a figment of our imaginations, absolutely no where to be found. Every JCrew wedding coordinator and customer service agent had the same thing to tell me - "That dress is completely sold out, we don't even have a sample of it. There aren't any anywhere". I had to laugh because it was all so absurd. We discussed our options, order the other, ugly one; buy the white one and try to dye it; pick a different dress in a totally different fabric; pick a different dress not from JCrew.

Then Carly's genuis instincts kicked in and she checked EBay, and low and behold there it was. Advertised as: "sold out online!" She informed me today that she has since bought the dress, her style, her fabric, her color, HER SIZE! All is well with the world again.

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