Friday, January 15, 2010

less then 200 days!

I know I know, I've been a TERRIBLE blogger this year! (ps happy new year everyone!) I haven't posted in weeks and weeks... There's just nothing to report! Wedding planning is moving along... Just waiting on the guest list to be finalized so I can finally send out my adorable save the date cards! We've officially decided on a DJ (and by officially I mean we sent him money and we're locked in). We've officially decided on a lot of other things that we haven't paid for yet though. As you know, we have a wonderful photographer (I promise your check is next Melissa!) and we have our florist, and we're pretty set on caterer. And my amazingly talented Aunt Robin has agreed to make our cake! Really excited about that one! Oh, also... my dress has been undergoing major alterations and hopefully I'll be getting a call sometime soon so I can see what it will look like! Can't wait for that!

Another exciting note... my best friend, and bridesmaid Carly got engaged on Christmas! We are SO excited! Her fiance Justin is in our wedding too! Lots of big things going on... kinda contrary to what I said before... but anyways I promise more updates soon! In the meantime here's a picture of me and Carly showing off our 'bling' on New Years Eve:

congrats again! love you car!

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Carly said...

yayyy blog post LOVE <3

see you both in T-minus SEVEN DAYS!!