Tuesday, June 8, 2010

countdowns galore

There's nothing all that exciting to report on the wedding front recently. Basically just tying up loose ends. Oh, we didn't win the contest. You would have heard immediately if you had. Slightly depressing, but none the less we will survive. We are no worse off then we were before.

Things we're working on...
- Ordering more paper to make the programs
- Visiting a FedEx Office
(because apparently Kinkos doesn't exist anymore?) to see if it's possible for them to do the manual labor (aka printing and cutting) for all 1,000 pieces of paper that will go into making my 250 4-page programs
- Ordering favors for the wedding and the bridal shower
- Reserving a wedding night hotel room
- Reserving a tent for the deck
(they say it's good luck if it rains on your wedding day, and am I jinxing it if I say I'm very scared that we'll get 'lucky'?)
- Reserving transportation for post-reception type events
- Getting an insurance policy for the wedding
(did anyone else know this existed? because I was clueless)
- Getting a 1 day liquor license to serve adult beverages at the wedding
(silly me for thinking this was covered by the caterer)
- Oh yeah, and getting a
marriage license (minor detail)
- Ordering gifts for VIPs
- Meet with florist
- Meet with DJ
- Have final walk through at CBF
- Get a haircut/dye job
(my roots are growing minorly out of control!)

Gosh, it feels like I have done
nothing thus far! What have I been doing?! Sitting around on my butt being lazy?! It doesn't feel like it, but it does at the same time!

Recent things we have accomplished... because I swear we are getting work done
(well I am at least)
- May have found a house at the beach to move to possibly
before the wedding!
- Got ties ordered for all groomsmen and both dads!
(and I love them)
- Got about half the playlist done for the ceremony/cocktail hour/reception
- Made prototypes of ring pillows and programs
(I might have already mentioned this but I'm desperate for details here)
- Cake topper arrived! (see above notation in regards to desperation)
- Got all the jars we'll be needing for the reception centerpieces (again, see desperate notation above)

Thanks for reading my To Do list. It helps me keep track of everything I have going on. So this post is really more for me then it is for you. Sorry, but it's true.

Oh yeah, I started off with a post-title ready to talk about countdowns. I got a little off track...

countdown #1: 9 days until we head to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!
countdown #2: 22 days until Eclipse is in theaters! (my twilight-obsessed neighbors and I already have a date to go see it)

oh and wasn't there something else??? right...
countdown #3: 53 days until we're married! (I hope our wedding bands arrive soon... maybe I should add call the jeweler to my To Do list?)

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