Wednesday, June 16, 2010

hola! gracias! besos! si si si...

That's about all the Spanish I learned while in Spain this time last summer. Well that and churros con chocolate (yum!) and chica guapa... However, I will be needing it again, as tomorrow morning Patrick and I are headed to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! We will be meeting his family there and will be spending a week relaxing in the sun.

I have been working my butt off trying to get lots done fort he wedding before we leave, and I have accomplished a lot I think... Well at the very least we've gotten all the paper goods ordered so that I can finish all the DIY-projects I got myself into. We also booked our hotel room for the wedding night. And we have a contract for our transportation in the works, and we're working on "sharing" a tent with another wedding so that we can split the cost! Hopefully it all works out... 45 days and counting!

So I am signing off today, I'll be back next week with fun and fabulous Mexican details! Ciao!

PS: Another thing to cross off the list... finding a house! We are finally ready to sign a lease on a pet-friendly duplex with a fenced in backyard at the beach! Check out our view of the ocean...

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