Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the last month

Well, we are officially under 4 weeks away from the wedding, and I already know it's going to fly by. Just like the past 10 months have gone in a blink! There are lots of little loose ends I'm working on tying up now.

First and probably most importantly is getting the programs finished. My plan was to have them printed at a Kinkos or Office Depot - esque place, until I found out it was $0.50 per page and we need 1000 pages printed. That would be $500. And I could've gotten professional ones for cheaper then that! So much for saving money by doing it yourself right?

Anyways, my Dad spent all day while us girls were at my shower printing out half of the pages on our home computer and I now have those 500 pages here in NC and I'm working on cutting them out. 1 by 1. I know. Insane. They then have to be decoated and tied with ribbon to fans. I may or may not be concerned about this one.

Our dear, dear family friend, Ms. Eileen, has offered up her services and is helping my Mom out with similar projects at home, involving tying things with ribbon. I am so grateful for her!

I don't even know what else is left on my To Do list, and honestly I'm too tired to look at it. I'll keep you posted...

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