Wednesday, September 8, 2010

finding nemo

I can't remember if I have posted about our first fish tank or not...

If I haven't, it's a 46 gallon bow front salt water tank, full of live rock and tons of fish and coral. It's been established for about 9 months now. I'll have to get pictures to show it off!

This post is about our NEW tank! We recently got a 29 gallon bio cube. We wanted to get a new tank because our eel just keeps getting bigger and more aggressive. And I absolutely reject the idea of giving him away. Now that we have the tank - catching the eel is another story. So far we have just made him a lot more fat, and a lot less hungry...
BUT! since the eel is aggressive, we figured this was our chance to set up an aggressive tank and get fish that we couldn't put in our other tank.

First on the list, a miniatus grouper. Check! Second on the list, a humu humu trigger (state fish of hawaii). Check!

These are just phone pictures, sorry! When Pat gets home I can take some decent ones (camera is in his car).

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