Thursday, September 23, 2010

we're in business!

So after what could be the beginnings of a quarter life crisis, I broke down and my poor husband called me right in the middle of it all.

He's so wonderful. Even though talking to him only made me slightly more hysterical, everything he said I knew was true and truly did make me feel better. I only cried more because I realized how lucky I am to have him.

I am especially lucky because despite what concerns he may have about this idea (which he has not voiced) he is supporting me whole heartedly.

I have officially opened my own Etsy shop! It's called J&W gallery (can you guess why?) and it's very, very new. And there's nothing really on it. But I did manage to make some art and put up my first listing! Very exciting things. You can check it out here. There's also a cute little etsy button permanently on the right side of this blog that will take you right to it.

And for those that don't love the French language like I do, fait a la main means hand made.

And for your viewing pleasure, and a little thanks to my man, here's yet another photo from our engagement shoot back in May from Melissa.

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