Saturday, October 2, 2010

it's not easy being green

It's also not east being unemployed. I find myself outside with the dogs a lot. And since they don't like to pose for pictures too much, I have to look for other subjects while they are running around like mad men.

Enter Mr. Lizard. When I let the dogs out the other morning he scurried across the deck and right up the column and just sat there watching me watch him. Thankfully he hung out while I ran inside to get my camera.

It wasn't long after my lizard friend had run off to bask in the sun somewhere quieter (and with less of a threat of being squashed by passing dogs) that I stumbled across the following odd site. This is a tree in our backyard. For as long as we've lived here I have never seen flowers on any of the handful of trees that are growing out of the sand.

Low and behold, one bright red flower, shining out all alone. I really appreciated this spot of color in the sea of green leaves; it made me smile. But was gone the next day...

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