Friday, October 15, 2010

putting my degree to use

So remember that time I studied Marketing?

Think back... oh yeah, there it is!

Well I'm finally getting to use all that knowledge I have been hiding. I'm working on advertising my Etsy shop! First stop: Team Boo. One of my favorite blogs to read. Carolyn, the owner of the aforementioned blog, has started accepting ads for her page (hooray!) and I'm putting together some possible badges/buttons to send in.

What I need from you is your opinion on the following gems. Which one is most aesthetically pleasing? Which one is easiest to read? Which one screams "click me!" ?

I can't get numbers in the middle of all of these guys for some reason so use the following format for voting:

1 2
3 4

5 6
7 8

Any tips/suggestions are also welcome! Thanks!

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