Friday, October 29, 2010

whiney butts

So today my dogs are being babies. Big, fat, huge babies. They are so whiney and so needy. And I love them. Although I could do without the 90 pound lab trying to climb into my lap every second and getting in my face and drooling on me, and my stinky breathed schipperke literally kissing me close to death... This is the story of my life:

Jack giving me kisses, he has me pinned down and his legs across my throat (and Winston is also sitting on my arm). Pardon the quality of this picture, I was busy whipping my head from side to side just trying to get a breath in. Oh, and I was laughing hysterically.
Look at this face. This is the face that's in my face all day.
And he's in my lap...
They've both got me pinned, there's no hope.

I gave in and fed them early (they used to eat at 4... now I can't take it and I feed them at noon) and they are napping quietly. Hallelujah. I heart snuggle time :)

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