Saturday, October 2, 2010

let's be honest...

The first of my 2 confessions: The dogs don't get a break from the camera for very long. As you know from previous posts, I have been molding them into artists! Here are some pictures of the process...
Jack ready to go with the towels, paint and canvas (and his raccoon)

Jack says "ok Mom, let's do this" Jack trying to get cleaned up before going back insideI don't have pictures of Winston in the process because he's always running around instead of being my shadow (like Jack) until it's time to paint.

But this is a funny picture of him sniffing around the deck (probably looking for Mr. Lizard)My second confession is that I apparently have no clue how to use the self timer on Pat's camera. Check out the following attempts...
trying to get set up

adjusting... getting the dogs in position... Jack bumped the camera take 1take 2
take 3 and take 4

I have the best boys don't I?! I heart them.

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