Wednesday, September 8, 2010

hurricane season

September marks the busiest that hurricane season gets. And sure enough, the second of September brought us Earl. We had to evacuate the island Thursday night, as they were shutting down the bridge to the mainland due to high winds they were expecting. Patrick, the dogs and I all got out of dodge and headed west to my parents house for the weekend. BUT! not before I could run down to the beach to snap some pictures...

our huricane pass that says we're residents not tourists, and lets us back on the island first when the evacuation was lifted. it might be the wrong address, and I'm not sure who's name that is... but we didn't have to wait in line at town hall to get it!

the ocean side of our house all boarded up

the waves rolling in

water washing all the way up to the dunes

As it turns out, Earl stayed off shore and the worst we got was some rain and wind gusts up to 70 mph. Our landlord called us Friday morning and let us know that there was no flooding or power loss (which means our fish tanks were safe). Next time maybe we'll try to ride out the storm?!

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