Wednesday, January 5, 2011

i've got sunshine...

...on a cloudy day.

Well, it wasn't cloudy.  It was just plain sunny.  And 70 degrees.  On New Year's day.  Pretty terrible right?  

Patrick and I spent the New Years 96 (comes from the 96 hours of leave the Marines get) in Charleston at his sister's house with his parents.  It was gloriously warm and wonderful.  It makes me want the next 2 months to fly by so I can lay out in front of the Atlantic in my backyard again.

Here's Kendall and Mackenzie lighting sparklers a little earlier then midnight on New Year's Eve

And little Mack Mack with Uncle Pat and his boots :) 

Thanks for the great visit, SC family!  I lucked out with all my in-laws, they are awesome!

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