Monday, July 4, 2011

first father's day

Well, first father's day for a human baby.  We've already had several we celebrated for our dog babies.  

We wanted Patrick to know he is very much loved, so we got him some gifts to make him smile...  And if you don't know us, we are big fans of NBC comedy shows.  Particularly The Office (um the intro at our wedding was to the theme song...) and Parks & Recreation.  Cue father's day gifts:

Opening gift one... we couldn't wait to give it to him
 Michael's Office mug!
 Jack loves it
 And Win loves it
 Jack and Win with the other present that got delivered later
 What could it be?!
 And it's...
 Ron Swanson's Pyramid of Greatness!  Seriously, if you haven't seen the clip, it's hysterical

Love you hubby!

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