Monday, July 4, 2011


Well I am officially two for two when it comes to being the target of socially unacceptable behavior here in Winston Salem.

Yesterday I was subject to a rude comment by a woman (still blows my mind that women are more insensitive than men) at a store where we were shopping.  As we were walking out, she asked Patrick when the baby was due.  When he said September, her response was "THAT baby is due in September?!" then she checked her watch and said "I don't know, we close in 2 minutes, you'd better get out of here!" as if I was about to give birth right there in the shop.  Seriously?!  As a woman, she should know a little something about hormones, and how it feels when someone calls you huge.  As if I didn't already know.  How about you grow a human and then get back to me...

Then today we hit up Bojangles (Patrick needs to get in as much BoJo's as he can before he ships out) and the lady cleaning up the trays caught us in her radar while we were simply trying to fill up our iced teas.  She said something about no more kissing since there's a baby on the way (I'm still not sure why) and then proceeded to tell some story about how her husband would rub her belly all the time and she would hate it.  So I guess that meant that she thought it was appropriate to mimic the sentiment on my belly.  Like full on, with her other hand behind my back so I couldn't get away, pushing me more and more into the Buddha-Rub.  Really, lady?  Yes, you hated your husband touching you like this but I love it when complete and total strangers do it to me.

FYI:  Here we are after celebrating our 'anniversary' (more info to follow) just mere hours after the woman was convinced my due date was much more imminent then we led her to believe...  

Sorry about that, apparently I just needed a minor venting sesh.  More fun blog posts coming soon.

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