Wednesday, June 29, 2011

west bound and down...

...loaded up and truckin' we're gonna do what they say can't be done.  We've got a long way to go and short time to get there, I'm west bound, just watch old Bandit run.

These next few weeks Patrick and I will be busy completing move number 9 together.  That's right.  We've moved 9 times... Don't believe me?  Count for yourself.

Phase One is pretty much complete.  That is, I am officially moved back in with my parents.  Since Patrick is leaving later this summer, and will miss the remainder of baby's bake time, and the first few month's of the aforementioned baby's life, we decided that I would need just a little help.  Patrick and my parents worked very hard to finish off their basement so I have a place to stay.  Now, when I say basement, don't think of a rinky-dink little dingy apartment.  We are talking 10 foot ceilings here people.  French doors out to my own private patio.  Plus the biggest walk in closet you've ever seen.  I get a master suite, a living room, a breakfast nook, and a nursery.  Oh, and can't forget - a basement apartment would not be complete without a mini fridge!  Too bad mine will be full of bottles of milk, not beer.  But I digress...

The dogs have been such great troopers through all of this (they've been through most of these moves too).  They just go along for the ride (literally and figuratively) and as long as their toys make the trip, they are seriously happy campers.  They've already discovered where the toy bucket is, and have pulled out all their favorites to show them around the new digs.

While I was packing they showed their true feelings about moving... Winston - "I'm over this already" and Jack - "I'm going where you go, Mom"

Here are some basic stats on Move 9 Phase 1:

-Months pregnant: 7 (if you prefer pregnancy data in weeks then it's 28)
-Boxes moved: 11
-Tanks moved: 2 (also the number of dogs moved)
-Gallons of Water moved:  75
-Fish moved:  9
-Complete Wardrobes moved: 1
-Hours in the car: 5
-Length (ft.) of moving van:  16

Phase Two (getting the rest of our stuff moved into storage) will be finished all too soon, just before block leave is over.  Should be equally as thrilling... In the meantime, we're taking a mini vaca for the next few days.  Check back soon to see how our second trek into the great Blue Ridge Mountains of Western NC goes... In case you forgot, the first one went a little something like this.

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