Thursday, June 9, 2011

rare form

My dogs are looney toons most days, but last Friday I think they must've gotten into giggle juice.  They were acting downright crazy!  FYI:  giggle juice is a term that Carly's mom coined when she was little to cure any bad mood.  A glass of giggle juice (Kool-aid I think?) and you were all laughs and no sad faces. 

Anyways... Jack discovered something (a lizard maybe?) in our outdoor shower because he has been whimpering by the door all day.  As soon as I let him out he runs right to it.  He took to digging underneath it, and it was quite entertaining.  I've never seen him this enthused about something (other then cookies).

PS:  pardon the screaming... he twitched and for a split second I thought he was bitten by a snake (I've seen them around the island recently).

Then there was Winston.  He discovered a scrub brush that was sitting on the edge of a table outside.  I have no idea why he took to it, but he did.  Before I started filming he was very hesitant about it, until he got confident and he started barking like mad at it.  Once he got it off the table he repeated the hesitation. Once he determined it was not in fact dangerous, he threw it to himself and had a grand old time. 

And then this video is one we took of Jack a while ago.  He is incredibly motivated by food, and we wanted to see what he would do if we put him in their food bin.  Turns out he was more scared then excited.

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