Thursday, June 2, 2011

dog bait?

We spent the last days of our very long weekend winding down on the beach.  With the heat index around 105, we waited until dusk to take the dogs down, and Patrick got to fish some.  He ended up only catching 5, foot-long sharks, which was really exciting for the dogs.  They both tried to eat them!  Winston even chased one back into the ocean.  Lunatics.

Patrick and his first shark
the boys watching dad de-hook shark #3
Winston trying to eat the shark out of the bucket
sandy, messy Jack
Win in heaven at the beach
Dad and his fishing buddies
boys at the beach
Jack could watch him do this all day (ps: so proud he's getting braver and walking right up to the water, Jack not Pat)
returning the last sharkie to the ocean

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