Monday, May 14, 2012


Today is my first real mother's day.  Yes, it's true, we have celebrated it with the dogs.  But this time it was with a real, live human baby.  And it was spectacular.  My morning started off with a nice run sans jogging stroller.  If you haven't run with one it's impossible to know how much harder it makes running.  Then I came home to a delicious breakfast cooked by my wonderful husband.  Scrambled eggs, topped with our very own home grown chives, bacon, and toast with home made fig jam.  Yum! 

After that it was present time, and the best one of all was this cute little canvas with all my boys hand/paw prints on it!  Love.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing around the house and an afternoon walk on the beach.  Followed by a nap with the reason I get to celebrate today.  Heaven.

Now, after a baked brie appetizer, I sit here as my dinner is being prepared.  Tilapia, wild rice, aspargus and corn on the cob... mmmm.

I must say, it is nice to be appreciated.  I know I am appreciated every day, but to hear my husband say "Don't worry about that, I've got it, go sit down" is a wonderful thing.  I sat on my butt all day and didn't feel bad about it one bit.  (Okay, I might have snuck in a load of laundry and dishes before he woke up... shhh).

Here's my extra special present from my little man:
Isn't he the cutest?  And don't you love his shirt?  He's been saying "mama" for a while now... more and more every day.  And I can't get enough!  This is the first time I caught it on camera though...

So Happy Mother's Day to all the mama's out there.  You deserve every bit of every nice thing you get today, and then some!

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