Wednesday, June 6, 2012

memorial day 2012

This memorial day we had a fun group of guests come stay with us... Gunnar's Auntie Kelly and 6 of his cousins!  They were kind enough to put up with our less than impressive accommodations, and they crashed on the couch and on the floor.  We had a blast!  We hit the beach as soon as they got here on Saturday, and then after dinner we walked down to our favorite ice cream shop and then out to the fishing pier.  While we were out there it started to rain, but the kids didn't care, and Gunnar just slept.  The next morning we took a trip down the road to the Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium where we got to pet sting rays and see the new penguins get a snack!  The otters put on a good show, and we got to see divers in the shark tank!  After the aquarium it was a quick lunch and back to the beach.  And that was followed with a trip to the best mini golf place on the island, and some go karting. 

We hope that the Markland crew had as much fun as we did!  When the kiddos are around, Pat gets to be one again, and he appreciates that.  And thanks to my big sis for these photos of the trip:

And here are my amateur photos from the visit:

And here we all are :)

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