Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Instead of blogging about the cutest baby in the world turning 10 months, the pinterest fairy strikes again!  Typical... But, I have just made these ah-dorable cushion covers for our sofa! 

 The pattern is a tan herringbone.  Love. Love. Love.
I started off picking up the fabric from Walmart ($2.50/yard thank you very much).  You need at least 2 times the width of the pillow and 3 times the length.  So for these two 20"x20" pillows I bought 3 1/3 yards.  Width-wise, it was just perfect as is.  Length-wise, it worked fine, but I think I would've liked a little more fabric to play with, so I would say maybe a little more than 3 times the length.  Then I cut my long piece of fabric in half, and wrapped each pillow like a present.  The hardest part for me was tying the knots.  Thanks to my OCD they had to be just right.  I finally finished the first one after several many attempts.  And then I got the second one on the first knot!  But, they didn't look the same, so I messed around with them until I was satisfied, and that was it!  Uber-easy.  Now the trick will be keeping the dogs off of them! 

I was inspired (and instructed) by this pin:

It was from here... lots of "insanely easy" DIY projects (aka my speed and talent level).  I fully plan on trying a lot more of these little projects.  I know, you are just as excited as I am.  Stay tuned...

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