Friday, October 19, 2012

just keep swimming

It's been a rough week. First, on Monday, I got word that our family dog, Sara, had passed during the night.  More on that later... Then today, I found one of our fish joined her.  I know it sounds silly, and most people think "oh it's just a fish", but it's not. 

Panama Red was our flame hawk that we had for almost 2 years.  He survived 2 moves with us, and was down right awesome.  He was definitely my favorite.  He loved to perch all over the tank, more like a bird than a fish.  He had his favorite spots, where you could usually find him.  He had crazy chameleon-esque eyes that looked all over and never missed a thing.  Whenever I walked over to the tank he swam right up to me and waited for food, and you could have probably hand fed him.

Usually we know when we're going to lose a fish.  Come to think of it, every time we have lost one, they've looked sickly, stopped eating, were breathing too fast, etc.  We saw it coming.  Not this time.  Red was in the prime of his health.  He came to his demise by somehow jumping out of the inch-wide slot in the tank cover.  He landed on top of the cover and couldn't make his way back in.  It totally broke my heart to find him. 

After lots of loss, some of which devastating (like this one), I am done.  I have reached my max, I can't cry over these fish anymore.  We will probably be getting rid of the fish tanks.  But we will always miss all of our fish.  Especially you, Panama.  Swim on little dude. 

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