Friday, October 19, 2012

pretty princess

As I mentioned in the previous post, my family lost one of our dear dogs this week.  Miss Sara was about 2 weeks shy of her tenth birthday.  She had been pretty sick for a while now.  Due to a genetic issue, where her skull was pushing on her brain, she had lost the use of her back legs, and hadn't been able to walk in over a year.  She had been through everything from acupuncture to brain surgery to fix it.  She was a fighter.  It was heart wrenching to see this dog, who still seemed so spunky, not be able to run and chase like she used to.  She did get to relax on her very own orthopedic bed though.  She was not one to play with the other dogs, but she did let some of the other girls lay with her from time to time. 

Sara, who also responded when I called her pretty princess, Sarie-Sue, and fluff butt and any variation of those, was just about as sheltie as shelties get.  Right up to the end, she was "on duty".  She was constantly trying to protect us.  Anytime someone came into the house, or left the house, she was the first to let you know.  Even if people went into another room, she didn't like it because she couldn't keep an eye on all her "sheep" at the same time.  In her hey-day, she would even go so far as to "herd" us by nipping at our ankles if we weren't going where she wanted us to go.  For me, it was when I was leaving the house.  One of my favorite memories of Sara was how she would run around and eat all the apples that had fallen from our neighbors apple tree.  She loved apples.  She would have to fight the deer off for them.  She couldn't have been happier than when she was laying outside, wind in her fur, chomping on some apples. 

Sara was well loved by everyone in our family, but I feel like we had a special bond.  When she could jump as high, I used to wake up to her standing on my chest (she used to be about 10 lbs... most of it fur) and she would be staring straight at me.  As soon as I'd open my eyes, she would lick my face all over.  I will forever cherish those mornings. 

Sweet Sarie Sue, you were one of a kind, and I'm glad we were the family to rescue you.  You brought us lots of laughs, and gave us lots of love over the years you were with us.  Thank you for that.  There will always be a fluffy hole in my heart for you.  Rest peacefully pretty girl.

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