Saturday, February 2, 2013

slime day

Well, I thought I was going to be a good mom and keep my toddler entertained inside on this blustery day.  I believe what will follow can only be defined as a "pinstrosity".  Pinterest educated me on several different recipes for making your own "slime".  All of which claimed to not be messy, or stain, and were easily cleaned up.  Liars.  I picked three, yes THREE, different recipes and tried my hand at each to see what the best outcome would be...  I'm not even going to bother with giving you the recipes because they failed so miserably.

The orange never solidified at all.  The green was a little more solid, but mostly in the sticky, goopy way that dough is kind of solid.  But it still ran through your fingers (and stuck to them at the same time).  The blue was the biggest success (I use the term loosely), after I poured a liquidy layer off the top.  Although it still was not slime.  It was rock hard, and if you dug your fingernails into it hard enough to break off a piece it was that weird, looked-like-a-liquid-but-felt-like-a-solid thing.  Until you played with it too much, then it just crumbled into a million pieces like dried out play-dough.

Gunnar DID have fun, until he didn't anymore. And I had fun taking pictures of him, until I had to clean the bathroom.

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