Thursday, February 21, 2013

standing on the edge of everything...

... seventeen.

Tim McGraw's words have never rang more true.  Gunnar at 17 months is literally on the edge of EVERYTHING.  He climbs, and climbs, and climbs, and then he climbs some more.  He used to be afraid to stand up on whatever he just scaled, but that phase has passed and now he thinks it's hysterical.  He will stand up on the table, and bounce, and jump, and give me a heart attack.

I have started him in gymnastics (forgive me if I've mentioned it before, my mind is in one thousand places right now) and he is loving it!  Even though he is the youngest in the class, he is picking up on things SO fast. He used to be terrified of the balance beam, and now he barely needs me to do it.  Before he didn't have any interest in the bars, now he runs to them and tries jumping up to reach them.  I couldn't get him to crawl through a tunnel at the park for the life of me, but throw one down on the bouncey gym floor and he owns the freaking thing.  He used to be so confused when we tried to get him to do a forward roll, now if I say "tuck your head" at any point during the day (in class or at home) he bends over, hands on the floor, head tucked ready for me to spot him.  What a champ!  Here's a photo from today, swinging on the rings, a favorite activity of his from early on:

Less literally, he is also right on the edge of talking.  He has started repeating things all the time.  He will say "bubba" for Winston since apparently I call him that more than his real name.  He has even picked up on my "jacko" instead of "Jack Jack".  He knows where to look when we talk about birds and calls them all "geese" since those are the loudest ones we see.  And, of course, Mickey Mouse "mee m-ow" is a favorite.

Speaking of Mickey, his 17 month birthday fell on Valentine's Day, and we got him a new DVD for car trips.  He was slightly excited.  See for yourself:
On a side note:  the puppy kisses card is musical.  It sings "bow wow wow yippe-oh yippe-ay" and he carries it around opening and closing it, and dancing his little heart out.  Love.

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