Sunday, June 16, 2013

aussie update 2

Since we have been "home" we have spent a little time getting to know the area.  We are staying in the middle of the city, so we are able to walk a lot of places (which is good since we don't have a car yet).  There is a big mall where we have gone a few times to get groceries (yeah... fresh markets in the mall is something I still need to get used to).  And we have just gone to walk around while housekeeping was cleaning our room.  We would walk more outside if it wasn't so windy!  The mall seems nice enough, I only recognized a few shops (Target, Pandora, Ugg) but even though the names are different, the stuff is the same... I'm sure I can still find a way to spend money :)

On one 'wandering' trip, Patrick and I were on either side of Gunnar holding his hands while we all three walked together.  When Gunnar has two hands to hold he has a bad habit of picking up his feet to be swung.  Or sometimes he'll forget to pick up his feet, and he'll just stop walking and we'll end up dragging him a few steps before we realize what he's done.  This time though, he was more sneaky.  Picture us walking, looking in windows, chatting to each other.  It felt like Gunnar was pulling on us for some time, but it certainly didn't feel like we were dragging him, so I figured we were just walking to fast, and we slowed.  I finally looked down to pay attention to what he was doing, and he was walking on his knees.  Who knows how long he had been doing it too!  Now, what does that say about our 21 month old's ridiculous height?  That he was walking on his knees, holding the hands of two adults, and we didn't notice anything amiss.  That's one giant toddler.

He has also learned how to open the refrigerator while we have been in this newest hotel.  He will walk over and help himself to whatever he feels like.  And hiding things in the back of the top shelf doesn't work.  He will reach it.  Lord, help me.

Back to all things Australian... we have met some seriously awesome cab drivers.  As that's our only mode of transportation (Pat's supposed to go check out a car today) we have been in a lot of taxis.  One we called to give us a tour of the city, and as luck would have it we were sent a driver who doubles as a real estate agent, and he was able to answer all the questions we had about the area (and some we didn't know we had)!  He drove us around to look at houses for rent on my list, and the next day we toured one.  It was nice enough, and seemed to fit our needs well.  Mainly, the owner was willing to leave the appliances in for us (because apparently Aussie's take things like refrigerators with them when they leave) which would save us lots of money buying our own.  Hopefully things will work out, and you can look for photos of it soon!

Patrick has also been to the base once, and has been 'out with the guys' a few times.  The three of us also went to a get together with some of the people from his new regiment.  It was a fun bonfire, and they were all so nice.  Bonus:  there were two dogs for us to love on, and Gunnar had so much fun chasing them around.

Ever since I have been mentally decorating our new house (we haven't even sent in the application yet) in preparations for our housewarming party.  I have a list of all the things we need to buy, or that I want to make... Good thing I've already scoped out the home improvement stores, craft stores and thrift shops!

City Hall

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