Thursday, July 4, 2013

home sweet (new) home

Without counting individual moves (to storage units, or homes we had previously lived in) this is our 6th new home in 5 years (if you do count the rest it's hovering somewhere around a dozen in that same timeframe).  Obviously this most recent move has been the biggest.  Over 9,000 miles? Yeah, I'd say so (more than the last 11 moves combined).  

We actually haven't technically moved in yet.  And we won't until this weekend.  We bought some furniture here, and that's when it's due to arrive.  As for our HHG shipment from the states?  It's not even on my radar... I don't want to get my hopes up so I'll be happy if it's here by Gunnar's birthday (that's mid-September y'all).

We have been by the new house a few times, and have slowly started dropping off luggage from the hotel.  I snapped a few photos, but look for more to come...

front deck and yard
 our grapefruit tree
 avocado picking in our backyard

back deck ... I spy a bad habit forming.

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