Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I recently celebrated a birthday, and turned 28.  Nothing special really, just another day.  But, with lots of love from friends and family.

Patrick surprised me with pink roses, just like the first ones he ever sent me back in 2004 (and yes I still have the card that accompanied them).

Then it was time for a dinner date out at the best little Turkish place in town.

And then I got the loveliest cards, and presents from my boys… Gunnar picked out the necklace all by himself, and the bracelet has lots of Dalmatian Jasper (my favorite stone from our gem mining days)

And lastly we celebrated with some fancy cupcakes, and I was serenaded by my sweet little man.

It was the most perfectly laid back way to celebrate, and just about all this mama could handle right about now!  Thanks to everyone for making my day NOT so "nothing special".

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