Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Week 2

Well Patrick has been gone for 2 weeks now, and boy what a long two weeks it has been. On top of everything we've been going through, my grandfather passed away early yesterday morning after a month long battle with pneumonia. He always adored Patrick and was so proud of him, so I know that good old Pop is up there watching out for him now.

That being said, I've gotten to talk to Patrick a lot this week. Sometimes 2 phone calls a day. He usually calls me when he gets off of work, before he heads back to his can to go to sleep. We also found out that he can call cell phones too, which is good. So now I don't have to sit around the house worried I'll miss a call. He doesn't have much news to report. But he's doing OK. He's called his mom and dad a few times, so I know they're very glad to hear from him just like I am.

I sent him the aerogarden that my parents got him for Christmas, and he told me it arrived today. He decided to set it up in his office since that's where he spends most of his time. He said that when he was setting it all up he plugged it in and shorted out the whole office! I guess it was something to do with the outlets and adapter situation. Anyways, they got everything up and running again and he didn't get in too much trouble. :) So my first package arrived safe and sound, and I'm glad to hear it. I thought the garden and seed kit would have a tough time making it through customs. It also got there relatively quickly, about a week. I've already sent off 2 more packages and have another waiting to be sent! A lot of other people are sending boxes as well, so he's well taken care of.

That's all for now... 50 weeks and counting...

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