Monday, February 16, 2009

Week 4

Four whole weeks down! I must admit, after the first week, the next 3 seemed to go by a little bit quicker. Not much, but a little. And every little bit helps. I still talk to Patrick quite often, however I have finally had to deal with missing a call/email from him. I figured it would happen eventually, and it wasn't very fun. I was quite upset to say the least, but I should feel lucky that he's able to call/write as much as he does, right? This time there's nothing really new to report from his end though. He's working on dates for his R&R and I've begun planning a trip for us to take while he is home. So that's keeping me busy. I guess he also gets shorter breaks that he can take for each 6 month period he's over there, so now I am looking into meeting up with him. Anyone know where I can get cheap plane tickets to the Middle East?! Well, the pups are good, missing their dad, but good. That's all for now I guess. Only 48 weeks to go!

Oh I almost forgot! This week marked the second Valentine's Day in a row that Patrick and I haven't been able to spend together. Last year he was out sleeping in a field at Quantico, and this year, well obviously he's in Iraq. But, my sweetheart managed to have a bouquet of my favorite flowers delivered Saturday morning... Here they are, gerber daisies in every color imaginable (not to mention, the sweetest note that could ever come in a bunch of flowers):

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