Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I'm starting this blog without a title; now that Pat is home I don't have a week number to post, and I really have to think of something that sounds NOT boring!

I'm writing from the hotel again. Same hotel, different room. We checked out last Thursday and headed home. We spent some time with my family, and Pat surprised his mom at school. She had no idea he was in town and he walked into her classroom in the middle of one of her classes! She was so surprised, and her students loved it because it got them out of taking a test that day!

Our weekend in MD was filled with lots of visiting with family and friends, but it seems that there is never enough time. Sunday night quickly came, and we had to leave to come back down to NC. We didn't get in until about 3 in the morning today! Very exhausting.

We're back in the same hotel, one because they have a military discount (!) and two because we still have no house. We found one we like enough and we have an appointment to go see it tomorrow afternoon. It's a cute little house that allows dogs without a really high deposit. Plus, it has a big fenced in backyard with a really high fence. Makes me feel better knowing that the dogs will have somewhere safe to play. Hopefully all goes well, but that house still isn't available until Nov. 1st. So we'll be in the hotel until Wednesday, when we will head BACK up to MD for the weekend, then hopefully be able to bring the dogs down and move in next Sunday!

My parents will finally be rid of the dogs (thanks so much for all your help this past year!) but they won't be totally rid of me. I'll be back and forth between NC and MD to be with Pat and the boys, and then home to work and plan the wedding.

Wedding plans are coming along nicely. We're working on making appointments with a photographer for engagement photos (sorry we're so difficult Melissa!) and meeting with the caterer to try and get something together that works for everyone. Also, I think we've made the final decision on stationery for everything, and favors too! Now if I could only decide on colors... I've got an appointment for next month at J.Crew to check out what they've got and hopefully there will be progress on that front!

That's all for now, not terribly exciting, but thanks for reading anyways! Hopefully the next post will be from a house and not a hotel! Still waiting on getting some pictures together from Iraq... so check back next week!

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marklandmayhem said...

Since you need a new "title" why not stay with the number system and have a wedding countdown! Just a thought.