Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Week 38

I counted on the calendar and Pat was actually gone 39 weeks, but I can't figure out where I skipped one. But my OCD won't let me post this as week 39 because it would be a constant reminder that something wasn't quite right. Anyways, it doesn't matter because he's home now! For good! He got in yesterday, I went to pick him up at base last night. I had all kinds of help from his marines and their families trying to get me one base. I was going to follow the wife of one of his marines on to the base, since I don't have a military ID, so I met her at her house. She was so nice and has the cutest little girl that had a t-shirt and signs for her daddy! I ended up just riding with another one of his marines that came home a little bit early with the advanced party.

We got there and we waited and waited. It ended up being about 2 hours before they finally were dropped off at headquarters from the flight line. And let me tell you, it was a COLD 2 hours. I think it was colder last night then it was the night I dropped him off in January 9 long months ago. Funny thing about that, he left on Sunday Jan 18, and came home on Sunday Oct 18. Exactly 39 weeks, to the day. Anyways... now the fun begins!

We still don't have anywhere to live. I'm currently writing from the hotel we're staying in while we look for housing. Pat's at the base right now for post-deployment stuff, so when he gets back we're going to go drive around and see what we can find! It shouldn't be hard, about every other house here is for sale or for rent, and there are new subdivisions popping up EVERYwhere!

That's all for now... I can't believe I don't have to count down anymore! 39 weeks down, 0 to go! Check back soon for some more of Pat's pictures from Iraq!

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