Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week 36

We are busy busy busy! This week we booked the venue! So it's official, we will be getting married at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (pictures in last week's post). We're all very excited! We got the last Saturday of the summer, thanks to a friend who changed her date to October. It's only a week earlier then when we were planning anyway. So everything worked out great, it was obviously meant to be :)

My mom and I are going to be doing some shopping for invitations this week. She said they have a whole bunch at DirectBuy for about 80¢ each! So we're going to head up there and look through their books. DirectBuy also has the Lenox china I love for half off! Very exciting! I've also picked out the bridesmaid's dresses. They're from j.crew and they're so cute I want them! No more dresses for me, two is enough.

Pat's very busy too, getting ready to close up shop and hand things off to the army and come home! It's so soon I can't believe it. What a change from before R&R when it was 7 months, this last month since R&R flew by! We found a house to rent that we both like. It's cheap, and cute, allows pets AND has a fenced in yard! And a washer and dryer so I won't have to cart laundry all over the place! Hooray! We'll be getting in touch with the realtor today hopefully.

Anyways, that's about all that we have going on... 36 weeks down... only 3 to go!

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The Barrick Times said...

Sounds like everything is coming together beautifully!