Monday, October 12, 2009

Week 37

Well this last month has gone by so fast and I can't believe Pat's getting all ready to come home! I'm so excited! We've already made plans for me to drive his truck to NC and pick him up on base when he gets there. Unfortunately the house we like best isn't available until after he's slotted to come home, and since I can't stay at the BOQ, we'll be staying in a hotel for a few days after he gets back. But that's ok. Jack and Winston will be staying here in MD with Mimi and Bepa until everything gets settled.

Wedding things have fallen into place so well I was actually kind of bored this week. My mom and I met with a prospective caterer that we all seem to think is the best option. So check that one off the list. Next up, flowers, dj's, and seamstresses for alterations. Any suggestions?!

That's all for now... 37 whole weeks down and now just days to go!

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