Wednesday, March 31, 2010

4 months and counting

So today being the 31st of March, we are officially 4 months away from D-Day! D standing for I Do, of course! And we are surprisingly still making progress! As of this morning I am completely done designing our programs. And I love them! Now all I need is the perfect paper to print them on, then the fun-fan-making project begins! Bridesmaids - thank you in advance for your help on this one...

I'm also almost totally done addressing the invites. I did this a little TOO early apparently, as some of our friends got engaged and married after I already addressed theirs! Congrats again Kirt and Steph, but now I've got to address a new one to you! Nobody else get married or move, OK?! Just kidding...

Last night Pat and I sat together and picked out all the music for the ceremony (which helped my completion of the program today). I must say I was absolutely dreading this task. But it was actually a blast! Get excited, it's going to be a fun ceremony!

Oh, and our guest book arrived! I ordered it from an adorable shop -- She has some amazing handmade things!

I also have a custom hairpiece coming to me from another etsy shop -- I won it in a contest on non other then Etsy's wedding blog!

And in the spirit of all of my favorite blogs... I have created my first collage of things that are inspiring me right now.

The vintage pails are in an etsy shop ( and the other photos are from my new favorite internet place ( Thanks to Melissa, my wonderful photographer, who sent me the site. I absolutely love everything on it and I want to buy it all! I'm kinda using these things as inspiration for our engagement shoot in May! Think rustic, and BIG flowers! I absolutely can not wait!

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