Wednesday, April 7, 2010

usmc stands for...

...get USed to Making Changes.

So today my plans were to work on finalizing honeymoon plans, booking a hotel room for the wedding night, working on the invites some more... anything I could do to give me an excuse not to clean the house. However, the Marine Corps has decided to divert my attention away from current wedding plans because now I might have to start ALL OVER.

In the beginning of our engagement we were concerned that deployment MIGHT be an issue since Pat's future plans were so up in the air. After he came home and things settled down we were less and less worried because it was looking like there would be no deployment for a while.

Don't fret, no deployment yet. Just orders. For him to report. To a new duty station. On our wedding day. Are you kidding?

So as of right now... I might be getting married by myself on July 31st because Pat will be tied up in NC at his new station. Awesome. Oh this comes only a day after they tell him they might not let him re-up his contract because they currently have too many marines. So not only are they stopping us from getting married, but they are stopping us from having a career and money and a house.


So what do I do now? Besides hyperventilate...

Oh and on a side note - we still don't have an officiant because we just found out the one we were planning on can't legally perform the marriage in Maryland. Anyone up for a trip to the courthouse next week?

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Stef said...

Ah! Are you serious!? Well, hopefully this works itself out! gaah