Tuesday, April 13, 2010

getting down to the wire

So as we draw nearer to the wedding day, Pat has yet to get any firm word about his orders being changed from that same day. Hopefully we'll get official word soon, or I might just lose my mind. In the mean time I am also currently looking for new housing closer to our soon to be new base. This is very sad news because I absolutely adore where we live now. We have the best neighbors in the world!

Since the wedding has kind of taken a backseat to more pressing needs, I haven't TOUCHED the invitations in I don't know how many weeks. However, we did order fun vases for a portion of the ceremony. They are engraved and they came out SO cute. Although, one (the bride's vase, of course) did have a bad scratch in the glass. The company I ordered them from (www.graciousbridal.com) was more then happy to just send me a new one. I didn't have to return the damaged one or anything. It was a very quick, and refreshing phone call to make. They are great and brides I recommend checking them out. They've got all kinds of fun stuff!

We are still trying to find a way around the Maryland marriage laws and have the person we want to marry us actually marry us, but I don't think that's going to happen. There has got to be a loophole somewhere, right? Will keep you posted on this one...

Still no set honeymoon, or even a room for the wedding night. Oh and no transportation or videographer yet. Although I just recently started looking into those 2 things. And here I thought I was ahead of the game. Nope... way wrong.

Well it appears that I should be very, very busy, so I guess I'll leave you with another inspiration board of ideas for the reception while visions of centerpieces dance in my head...

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