Wednesday, April 21, 2010

life's a garden...

Dig it!

It's ok, I realize I'm a huge dork. But my wonderful neighbor Randi took pictures of our garden yesterday and I'm promptly stealing them to post here... PS: Mom- look for the pansy you gave us in front of the tree!
Ain't it purdy?! Hah! Pat and I did all this work on Saturday. We weeded, laid mulch, and planted flowers in the front of the house and around our little tree. It was a great workout, and I'm still sore from it.

I wanted to post this because it makes me feel better about accomplishing next to nothing on my to do list from yesterday. Here's my list and what I accomplished:

1 - finish addressing and stuffing invitations - CHECK
2 - wait for shoes to be deliverd- CHECK
3 - find someone to marry us
4 - check out videographers
5 - work on our play list
6- clean guest room - CHECK
7 - decide on a honeymoon
8 - book a hotel room for the wedding night
9 - nap
10 - 3 mile run

Yes, that is 3 things on my list of 10 that I got done yesterday. Even though I don't really count waiting for shoes I know won't be delivered til the end of the week accomplishing anything... So we'll say I got a solid 20% on my performance yesterday (but I didn't nap even though it was on my list, and that's semi productive so maybe we'll say 25%).

To my credit, when I started cleaning the guest room I turned it into an overhaul on the house. Not only did I pick up my clothes that were strewn all over and put them away, I also vacuumed the whole house, washed and changed the sheets on both beds, did all the laundry in the house (there was a lot I promise), did all the dishes in the house (again - a lot), and I mopped the kitchen and laundry room. This, along with straightening up the house to make sure the slip covers were fitting properly and dog toys weren't scattered all around, took me all friggin' day!

I also made it to the post office to return a package (shapewear I bought for the wedding that I don't need anymore - yay!) and I had them weigh one of my fully assembled invitations (since they ALL are assembled now!) and I discovered that they weigh more then what is allowed for a regular 44 cent postage stamp. So I went home and removed all the inner envelopes from the invites. Sorry guys but they'll just get thrown out anyways and I have really cute 44 cent postage I want to use! Plus it saves us 17 cents per envelope!

So all in all I'd say the day wasn't a huge waste, would you?


The Barrick Times said...

I can recommend a fabulous videographer if you haven't found one already! He's a friend of mine and used to do all the videos for the Orioles. I'm working with him at a wedding in May - Jason Siemer.
He's really talented and awesome to work with. He's located in Baltimore, too. Hope that helps!

Kalyn said...

Thanks so much Melissa! You and I seem to both have a love affair going on with the Orioles. If he's good enough for them he's certainly good enough for me!