Tuesday, April 13, 2010

new challenge

So we are officially at less then 110 days to the wedding. At this milestone one of my lovely (PS: Stef... I had to retype that because at first I spelled it lovley... thought you'd enjoy that!) bridesmaids, Emily, and I have decided to take on a challenge. We are going to try and lose a pre-established amount of weight before the wedding. With only 109 days left now, I need to get a move on it!

But really, this idea came about because I had another dress fitting this weekend, and to my surprise, and total excitement, the dress had to be taken in again! Hooray! And now that it fits me so much better then it did when we bought it (when it was 4 sizes too big), I can now officially say I am in love with my dress!

I know for a fact I'm not the only bride-to-be who has doubts about her choice of dress. Especially when I bought it so early and so quickly! I was extremely doubtful, and almost tearful, worrying about how I made the wrong choice, and how was I ever going to tell my mother that I didn't love it. Well now she knows I had those feelings, but only after I was beaming in the dress at my last fitting. It's perfect and I can not wait to get my hands on it and wear it on my night.

Bringing us back to the task at hand, the wedding day challenge, at this fitting on Saturday the seamstress told me I'd need on more fitting, on May 1st, then I could take it home (pending any changes needed that day) and then I could just bring it back 2 days before the wedding to have it pressed.

Um... what? You're telling me that I am going to have to go 3 months in the summer without gaining or losing weight. It was my plan to keep on working out and losing weight right up to D-Day (please refer to previous post as to meaning of this term).

So I am kind of just ignoring this minor detail, for which I'm sure the seamstress will hate me for when I make an appointment sometime in June to have it taken in again. Because it will have to be taken in again, I promise you that.

Anyways... if you want to check out our newest venture... you can read all about it at www.2fitzillas.blogspot.com. Get it? Fit-zillas? Like Bride-zilla? Only with getting in shape? Well anyways, enjoy it. The more people that are reading it, the more motivated I will be!

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