Tuesday, May 17, 2011

it's a small world after all

Ok, I'm in love.  My mom gave me some newborn onesies for Mother's Day, and they are officially the tiniest clothes in the world.  Beyond adorable.  So naturally, I had to have a photo shoot with the whole family.

Next to my flip flop... 

Slumped on the stairs next to Dad's boot

With brother Jack

With brother Winston

Seeing how tiny it is made me smile.  And it made me feel a little less terrified of the following things:
-registering for the right things
-making the decisions that will actually affect someone's life
-my 6 months of "single parenthood" that lies ahead of me
-how the dogs will react to not being the only babies
-and many, many other things

And I can't wait for a human to be wearing this outfit instead of me carrying it around staring at it.  Oh, and don't worry... it'll get washed before it gets put in sharkbait's dresser.

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