Wednesday, February 15, 2012

5 months

It's been a while since my last Little Guns update... you know with Dad getting home around the 4 month mark and everything.  So I hope you're ready to be overwhelmed with baby information!  Just kidding. Sort of...

Our (not so) little Gunnar Douglas is 5 months old now, and how appropriate that it falls on Valentine's Day since he came in and completely stole my whole heart.  At this point, I can only imagine how long/heavy he is.  We've got another month before any official measurements are taken, but we may try and do our own at some point this week(ish).  But he changes so much everyday that with black and white stats staring me in the face I just might cry at all of those changes.  Just the other day I put him in a 6-12 month onesie and it fit way too well.  Cue:  teary eyed momma.  I digress...

He absolutely loves his jumperoo, and his walker.  Being upright is pretty much his favorite thing.  We think he will skip crawling altogether and go right to walking running.  Especially since we got him the walker.  He doesn't like to go back to his all-too-familiar horizontal state, making crawling pretty much out of the question.  We still try tummy time every day, but he is so over it.  He is already jumping with both feet (at the same time) in his jumper.  It is by far the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

We also recently got him a high chair because he has started eating real food!  Well not real food, but baby food.  He started out on rice cereal and moved on to peaches.  He loved them.  Now we are on our week of bananas.  And since we unpacked our blender, I have been making the food myself, and I hope it is a habit I stick with.  I like knowing exactly what goes into his tummy, and plus it is nice that we can essentially share our food with him.  He really likes sitting in his high chair, and he loves eating (just like Dad).  Although it might be more that he is teething and really loves to chew on the spoon... but that's ok!  He still digests it all... and it's cute when he tries to feed himself.

He has got to be teething at this point.  The poor boy chews on any and everything he can put in his mouth.  And as if I thought he was drooling a lot before, he upped it ten fold.  It is insane how much saliva comes out of his mouth.  He also has been waking up around 1 in the morning just crying in pain. It breaks my heart, so I run upstairs and scoop him and and bring him in bed with us.  We get lots of cuddle time, which I love.

His new favorite things to play with are his feet.  When he lays on his back (which rarely happens anymore) he goes right for them and just giggles.  He is also becoming more and more ticklish.  Cutest. thing. ever.  Especially because his laugh is right in between baby and real person.  It's the best combination.  He laughs a lot these days, especially when you give him crazy kisses.  And when you stop he grabs your face and kisses back.  Ok, so it might be more like he's trying to eat your face, but I like to think of it as kissing.

So, happy 5 months of heart warming love, to me from my Guns, and Happy Valentine's Day to you from me and my little love bug!

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