Thursday, February 16, 2012

my kind of winter

Dear February,

Thanks for giving us a beautiful 70 degree day today.  We thoroughly enjoyed taking advantage of the weather.  A long barefoot walk on the beach was exactly what I needed.  We got to introduce Gunnar to the ocean and the sand.  He also got to see a giant pelican, a handful of loons (momma's favorite), 4 giant jellyfish, and about 30 dolphins.  Oh and about a billion seashells while Mom & Dad were looking for shark teeth.  We had fun and hope against all hope that the weather stays like this for the remainder of "winter".

Mom found the first shark tooth of the season... and it's a Gunny-sized one!
PS:  He loved his first time walking around in the moby facing forward.  He spent the whole time kicking his legs like a maniac.  That was until he started to get sleepy and I turned him around.  Warm sunshine, cool breeze, waves crashing, and snuggled up on Momma... recipe for a perfect nap.

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