Monday, February 13, 2012

first steps

So we got Guns a walker.  I know there is some discrepancy on whether or not they are safe and whatnot, but we feel that the reason they are "unsafe" is mostly due to user error.  AKA a lack of supervision.  And we don't have to worry about that, well, because Guns is so darn cute in it we simply can't look away.  Plus, it stays on our first floor and that way there are no stairs for him to fly down.

Anyways, we decided that Guns was just tired of being limited to laying on his back and having "tummy time" as his special treat.  Well it wasn't so much us that decided as it was Gunnar.  He would fuss until we stood him up, and if you tried to sit him down he would refuse to relax his legs, making it impossible.  We got him the jumperoo for Christmas (but you know about that) which he loves.  But he had the "walking motion" down so well that to satisfy our own curiosity of "do you think he can" we just had to buy one.  And guess what... he can!

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