Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday!

It's Patrick's birthday! He is 25 years old today! I have to remind him from time to time... he always forgets how old he is/is going to be. He made it to the quarter century mark! Of course, we're all sad that he is so far away and celebrating without us. Celebrating might be the wrong word... considering that celebrating right now probably means getting through the day at work with no problems, and climbing into bed early to get enough sleep for tomorrow! Doesn't sound like a terribly fun birthday, but don't worry babe... we'll celebrate when you're home! I sent a package of birthday presents out a week ago, so hopefully they'll get there today, that would make the day a little better I'm sure. Plus he has presents to open from his mom and mine, and a few cards. So it might feel a little like a birthday after all :)
We all love you and we miss you! Stay safe and come home soon! Happy Birthday!

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