Monday, March 16, 2009

Week 8

8 weeks down! Hooray! Not too much to report from the desert... Patrick has been working very hard, he's always very busy. Very busy and important (haha wolfe st. tha was for you). Since he's been working so hard, he was given a half day yesterday. Unfortunately, something came up and they needed him to stay, so he didn't get to leave early. Hopefully he'll be rewarded again. He said the dust storms have been bad, so that's keeping them especially busy. We talk a lot these days. He is able to get on the internet in his can more because he bought his own adapter for the outlet and doesn't have to share with his roommates. So I'm pleased with that, it's always good to hear from him.

Here at home, Winston went to his very first good manners class yesterday. My mom was supposed to be taking Lily as well, but she was not cooperative, so she took Scout instead. Turns our Scout is terrified of other dogs. He kind of shut down and wouldn't move and was shaking uncontrollably. He eventually settled down and got into the groove of doing what he was told by the hand signals. Winston was quickly dubbed the class bully by another woman who was coming into the building at the same time we were. Winston was easily four times the size of this dog, and he was anxious to meet him, and lunged toward him to sniff. The woman who owned the dog got scared and went inside and told the instructor that Winston was mean. In the class, there were two other big dogs, an Akita and a Bulldog. Winston tends to get very defensive around dogs that are closer to his size, or bigger. So when he made eye contact with these other dogs he growled. He is so bad on his leash that he had to be tethered to the wall. All the other owners were able to drop their leashes and work with their dogs. Not me and Winnie! But when he had to listen he did VERY well. I think he was the best one in the class. The instructor was very impressed that he listened to every hand signal, even though he was obviosuly distracted and sometimes had the leash wrapped all around his legs! So we'll see how training this week goes... we get to play hide and seek!

Only 44 weeks left! And counting....

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