Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i'm obsessed

Before I get into all that... I will start off with the fact that this weekend was a huge success. We got everything accomplished that we had set out to do (well almost).

Dress fitting - perfect, got to take the dress home
Meeting w/ caterer - great, finalized everything and had a nice lunch at his restaurant
Hair trial - awesome, loved that the stylist took my ideas and improvised and it turned out great (and bonus - it stays in well and is easy to take out at the end of the night) plus it's really cool and different

We paid for our wedding bands that are already in production
(and will be shipped to us in 2 short weeks!).

We didn't get a chance to make our ring bearer pillows like we had planned, but that's ok it'll be easy and my mom is a master seamstress :) We also didn't get to meet with our florist, but she was very busy with another wedding and
it turns out we didn't really have time to meet either, we were busier then we thought (sleeping in will do that to you). But, I did see the pictures from that wedding and the flowers are stunning and it makes me so excited for mine!

Now on to the good stuff... We had our engagement shoot yesterday with Melissa (she's amazing, I highly highly recommend!) and we had so much fun! She is so good she already has our "sneak peek" up on her website! Check it out here ! I am in love with the 2 pictures she has posted and I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see what else she has for us!

All in all a fabulous weekend. Long, but fabulous... On today's agenda - finally getting my invites sent out! Hooray!!! 75 days and counting...

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