Tuesday, May 11, 2010

wedding planning extravaganza round 2

So next weekend Patrick and I are headed to MD for the 2nd weekend in a row, this time for wedding planning. And lots of it! Luckily, Pat has duty on Thursday so he gets his duty day off on Friday and we can leave as soon as I get off work at 11 to get up there ASAP.

Our schedule is as follows:

- Pick up a 'prop' for our e-shoot in VA on the way home (Pat doesn't know about this yet...)
- Arrive in MD before dark

- 10 am dress fitting (please oh please need to be taken in again)
- 11 am meeting with caterer
- 3:30 pm hair trial appt (soooo excited!)

- 4 pm Engagement shoot with Melissa! (I need to start making a list now of everything we'll need so I don't forget anything)
- Drive back to NC after shoot is over... and try to stay awake for the whole 6 hours
(and then get up for work at 5 am the next day)

Somewhere in there we are supposed to be purchasing the wedding bands we designed a few weeks ago (which are already in production - yet another thing I can not wait for!).

We also may be meeting with our new florist
. Yep, that's right... NEW florist. And here I thought I was done picking my vendors! Hah! Well there were some concerns we had with the florist we had previously chosen, and so now we've found a new one at the suggestion of our photographer (thanks again Melissa!) She is very busy with another wedding though so the meeting might just have to wait for another weekend. That's ok, we'll be up in MD plenty over the next 81 days!

And my poor videographer that we've booked but haven't booked yet... He's been trying to get me to call him so we can put together a contract and I keep forgetting or getting tied up with something else and I haven't called yet. So he's going to wing it and send me something and we'll go from there.

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