Friday, May 21, 2010


Well, Melissa is even more amazing then I thought! She got our engagement shoot pictures up on her website SO fast! She texted me to tell me that our feature was up yesterday and I just about jumped out of my seat and ran to the computer. And for good reason... check them out here: ! I don't mean to brag, but I think they are pretty awesome.

As far as wedding stuff goes... the invitations are officially out of my house and in their respective mailboxes! Hooray! I'm still working on registering for stuff since expert advice tells me that I haven't registered for enough (even though I feel like I've registered for all of the 3 stores we picked). And then next week I'll be in MD dog/house/sister sitting for my parents while they go close on their gorgeous new house in NC (featured below). And I will get to meet with our wonderful and oh so sweet new florist, Jessica from Hocus Crocus! I can't wait! I'm super excited about our new choices for the flowers.

Now I've just gotta get legal stuff ready, paperwork to change my name, and get a military ID, and switch car and health insurance... fun fun fun! We've still got to get someone to sign off on our marriage certificate and make us legal... It shouldn't be a problem. I'm not worried at all...

Anyways, here's my parents new house! Isn't it so pretty?! I can't wait to live there when Pat deploys again! Haha just kidding, of course I don't want him to leave :) But the house is nice, right?!

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The Barrick Times said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Those are probably some of my favorite pictures to date! You guys are awesome and I'm SO SO SO excited for July!